Roane County, West Virginia

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Sealed Bids for the Roane County Courthouse HVAC Maintenance will be received by the Roane County Commission at Roane County Courthouse, 200 Main Street, Spencer, WV 25276 until 11:00am October 11, 2019 and then at said place publicly opened and read aloud; only bid proposals with complete qualifications will be read aloud for this project.


Courthouse HVAC Maintenance:

1)    Maintain a log of each and every heating and cooling unit at the Roane County Courthouse including: unit number, department/area served, brand, size, model, serial number, manufacture date, and filter size(s) as applicable

2)    Change all filters per manufacturer recommendations or at least quarterly as needed.

3)    Maintain proper performance and coolant levels of AC units May 15 through October 15; maintain proper performance of heating units all year.

4)    Clean condenser and evaporator coils annually following manufacturer recommendations.

5)    Supply all filters, coolant and tools needed for basic maintenance.

6)    Provide timely response to repair calls.  Provide written repair estimates for pre-approval including materials and labor.

All work must meet approved and accepted building codes including proper ventilation.


BIDDING: Contractors for HVAC Maintenance will use “two envelope” method;

Please place the following qualifications and necessary bid documents in an envelope labeled with your contractor name, address, and the word “QUALIFICATIONS”:

1.     Proof of Liability Insurance ($1,000,000)

2.     Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or Exemption

3.     Proof of Valid Contractors License with Proper Endorsements


Please place the following in a second envelope labeled with your contractor name, address, and the words “BID PROPOSAL”:

1.     Bid Proposal


The Roane County Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Contract will be subject to Buy American Provisions and Contract Documents. The Roane County Commission is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer.