Roane County, West Virginia


Civil Service Commission

The Roane County Civil Service Commission is made up of three members representing the Roane County Bar Association, the Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Roane County Commission.  Members are appointed by the Roane County Commission and serve four-year terms.


The Civil Service Commission shall make rules and regulations providing for both competitive and medical examinations for the position of Deputy Sheriff in Roane County, and other duties to carry out WV Code 7-14-6 & 7.

Meetings are held as needed in Spencer.


     Current Board:

  • Andrew Farmer (Bar Assn Appointee)
  • Frank Dunkle (Deputy Sheriff's Assn Appointee)
  • Greg Castello (Commission Appointee)

For more information, contact the County Clerk at (304) 927-2860 or email: