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A.  Equal Employment Opportunity

The County Commission of Roane County, West Virginia is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.  It is, and has been, the express policy of Roane County to comply with the letter and spirit of all Federal, State and Civil Service laws.  The written policy on this subject stresses the importance of having the entire organization understand that, in its recruitment and in all conditions of employment, the County seeks the best qualified applicants and workers in all categories of employment without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.  Employment with Roane County is open to all qualified applicants.

B.  Sexual Harassment

It is the policy of Roane County that all employees are responsible for assuring that the work place is free from sexual harassment in any form.  Because of Roane County’s strong disapproval of offensive or inappropriate sexual language or behavior at work, all employees are required to avoid any action or conduct which could be viewed by either sex as sexual harassment, including, but not limited to:  (1) unwelcome sexual advances and (b) expressed or implied requests for sexual acts or favors.  Any employee who has a complaint of sexual harassment by anyone, including supervisors, co-workers, or visitors, is required to bring the problem to the attention of responsible Roane County officials.  Employees may bring their complaint to their elected official or department head.  If the complaint involves someone in the employee’s direct line of command, then the employee may go to the County Commission with the complaint.    All employees should be aware that the privacy of the charging party and of the person accused of sexual harassment will be kept strictly confidential.  The County will retain confidential documentation of all allegations and investigations and will take appropriate corrective action, including disciplinary measures where justified, to remedy all violations of this policy. 

C.  Employee Selection

 The County Commission, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, Assessor and Prosecuting Attorney, by and with the advice and consent of the County Commission, may appoint and employ, to assist them in the discharge of their official duties for and during their respective terms of office, assistants, deputies and employees. 

Department heads shall be responsible for furnishing and accepting job applications for their office.  All elected officials and department heads shall approach the County Commission for approval of their employment selections.  The West Virginia University Extension Service Committee may recommend applicants for the positions available in the West Virginia University Extension Office.  The Camp Sheppard Advisory Committee may recommend applicants for the positions available at the Roane County 4-H Camp. 

 D.  Transfers Between Departments

 Any current county employee who transfers from one county department to another without a break in service, will maintain his/her accrued years of service and accrued vacation.  Employees who transfer to a position with the same pay grade will maintain their current salary.  Employees who transfer to a position with a different pay grade will either be raised or lowered to the new pay grade and maintain their years of service. Once an employee has been assigned a parking space they will maintain the same parking space as long as they continue to be employed by a county office.

E.  Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)
The Roane County Commission is committed to a policy of employment and advancement based on qualifications and merit and does not discriminate in favor of or in opposition to the employment of relatives.  Due to potential for actual or perceived conflicts such as favoritism or personal conflicts, the following restrictions apply to the hiring and promotion of relatives after the effective date of this policy: Relatives of persons currently employed may be hired only if they will not be working directly for or supervising a relative.  In addition, they cannot occupy a position where they are involved in making decisions in direct benefit to the relative, such as hiring, retention, transfer, promotion, wages, scheduling and leave requests.  Relatives are defined as: husband, wife, father, mother, father in law, mother in law, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, son in law, daughter in law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, brother, sister, brother in law, sister in law, step relatives, half-relatives, or the spouse/partner of any of the above and co-habitation couples/significant others. The hiring supervisor/elected official is responsible for ensuring policy compliance.  If an employee, after being hired, enters into one of the above relationships, one individual must seek a transfer or a change in the reporting relationship within 60 days.  Such changes as well as any exceptions to this policy must have the written consent of the County Commission.  In all cases, applicable state law will be considered before any action is taken in accordance with this policy. 

 F.  Personnel Records

Immediately upon the hiring of a new employee, the department head shall notify the county clerk so that said clerk may obtain the name, address, rate of pay, tax withholding information and emergency contact person of the new employee.  The county clerk will then advise and explain to the employee the various retirement and other benefits available and provide the new employee with a copy of the personnel manual.  The department head and county clerk should be notified at once of any change in an employee’s name, address, and marital status, number of dependents or person to be notified in an emergency.

G.  Probationary Period

Each employee, both part-time and full-time, will serve a six-month probationary period.  During this period the employee can be terminated by the selecting authority at any time and without specific reason or recourse.  All benefits will be based on the hire date for full-time employees.  ]

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