Farmland Protection

Farmland Protection


Farmland Protection by Conservation Easement

 An agricultural conservation easement is a voluntary, legally recorded deed restriction that is placed on a specific property used for agricultural production. It is a flexible legal tool that enables landowners to permanently protect the agricultural, natural, scenic and historic values of their property from development and subdivision.

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Property owners retain full use and ownership of the land.

Because an easement is perpetual, it is transferred with the property when the property is sold, thereby ensuring permanent protection.

Roane County Farmland Protection Board History

 In 2000, the West Virginia Legislature unanimously passed into law the Voluntary Farmland Protection Act.

Through this Act, the legislature declares that agriculture is a unique “life support” industry and that a need exists to assist those areas of the state which are experiencing irreversible loss of agricultural land.

The Act further authorized the creation of county Boards and the WV Agriculture Land Protection Authority to offer farmland protection through conservation easements.

In July 2008, the Roane County Commission authorized a resolution creating the Roane County Farmland Protection Board. 

The Commission affirmed that the agriculture community provides sources of agriculture products for the citizens of the state; enhances tourism, protects community values, institutions and landscapes which are inseparably associated with traditional farming; and controls certain development which is consuming land, topsoil and woodland of the county.

The Board is made up of farmers, conservationists and non-farmers and includes a County Commissioner and the Economic Development Authority Director, to offer a balance between protecting farmland and further county development.

Farmland Protection Board

The Roane County Farmland Protection Board is made up of seven members representing EDA, Farm Bureau, Conservation, non-farmers and the Roane County Commission.  Members are appointed by the Roane County Commission and serve four-year terms.

Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month at 9am in the Commission Room at the Roane County Courthouse.

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Current Board:

  • Merlin Shamblin (non-voting)
  • Mark Whitley
  • Jimmy Hays
  • Sam Sheets
  • Jim Workman
  • Holly Smith-Terrell
  • Dotty Hersman
  • Kim Davis (treasurer - non voting)
  • Jennifer Randolph (secretary - non voting)
For more information, contact the Farmland Protection Board at (304) 927-0078 or email:

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